Coppa Club

As I mentioned in another post, I am winter/ Christmas mad! Not for the weather (I am still trying to get used to this level of cold) but more for the festive atmosphere and fun things you can do.

The moment I saw Coppa Club had pop-up Igloos this winter I was on the phone trying to get a booking. Unfortunately I discovered I was far too late in the game and all bookings had gone. Not all was lost however as the kind lady on the answer machine informed me that they keep 2 igloos for walk-ins. Challenge accepted!
Luckily early December I was changing jobs so took a few days off and thought one of these days would be perfect to try for an Igloo.

Friday was set and I thought I would be strategic and aim for 1130, as hopefully brunchers will be finishing up and those who planned to try for lunch hadn’t yet arrived. Success? of course….

I walked in and immediately lit up when I saw the Igloos – they look fantastic and fun! Who doesn’t want to eat in a plastic igloo? My bubble (or igloo) was popped shortly after when I was informed that it was a 6 hour wait and you had to wait there….. My first reaction was that was insane and who would wait there for 6 hours, but then I saw only 2 names were on the list so would put my name down while I waited for my friend to turn up. 20mins later we were in an igloo!

The average service was unfortunately a theme that continued throughout the meal but the food and experience made up for that. Though would have been nice to have a triple win!

We shared a bottle of red wine and a whole bunch of small plates, all except the Garlic Bread were winners


Crispy Squid

Garlic Bread

Sausage Rolls


In summary it is a really fun experience and I would go back, hopefully the service issues were just teething and it is sorted now.

They take bookings!

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