Dalloway Terrace

I discovered this gem on instagram ages back and tried to brunch there but found out the hard way they take bookings. However I saw they did a very reasonable priced Afternoon Tea for £30 (£35 with a glass of sparkling) so booked the girls in for a nice catch up before we went our separate ways for Christmas.

After I booked I saw that they had transformed the terrace into a magical winter wonderland through the skilled master florists Wild at Heart. I know there are a lot of Nordic pop-ups around this time of year (Archer Street or Yulefest) but this is by far the best and is absolutely stunning – well worth a visit.

You enter into Narnia with glittering foliage climbing up the walls and escape the cold beneath sheep skin rugs (hot water bottles are also available but it is closed in with heaters).I am slightly Christmas-mad so this was heaven.

Dalloway Terrace is part of the Bloomsbury hotel which meant the service was impeccable. We were well taken care of, perfect for a girly afternoon (so far so that a friend didn’t realise she had dropped her spoon until the waiter gave her a new one).

We sat in sheepskin lined chairs and perused the tea menu while we waited for our food.

The food was absolutely delicious and plentiful! Who doesn’t love a good scone and clotted cream?! They even brought of a separate platter for my gluten-free friend with no extra charge.

We left reluctantly feeling spoilt, full and happy – what more could you want?

Bookings essential


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