Laduree is a famous Parisan Tea Room dating back to 1862. These days they have expanded out of France around the world including 4 in London (Harrods and Convent Garden are the best), but when I was in Paris I made it my goal to go to Laduree to have the true Parisian experience.

There are a few in Paris but we went to the one 21 rue Bonaparte as it fit into our plans.

It was beautiful inside – exactly the Parisian experience I had imagined. There are different rooms, each with a different theme and decorated accordingly.

There are 2 options – treats to take away or to eat in. We wanted to eat there, in part to warm up, but really to experience the delights (and then could order more if needed).

The hardest part is deciding what pastry or flavour macarons to get! They all looked like a piece of art.

After much internal debate I settled on the Rose & Raspberry Religieuse – delicious. It is choux pastries with rose and raspberry flavoured creme inside. Yummy!

After our pastries and tea, we got extra Macarons to keep us going and headed out into the winter Paris afternoon. It is the perfect pit stop.

Think you can book for brunch or just walk in for a sweet treat

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