In Barnsbury Sunday is more than a day, its a delicious brunch spot!

Tucked away from the busy Upper Street, it is in a residential area and you will find it by the queue outside. Don’t let the queue put you off, the food is incredible and totally worth it – the french toast is by far the BEST in London (and have heard the pancakes are equally as good).

So, on a dreary Sunday I dragged my flatmate along to stand outside in 4 degrees for 45min for Brunch. While waiting we stared longingly at those inside (half glaring to eat faster so we could have our turn), when we saw a girl eating alone but ordered 2 meals. By this stage I was quite stressed about deciding what to eat (literally the hardest decisions as food envy is the worst) and a light bulb went off. She was a genius and I would do the same!

Why choose savoury or sweet when you can have both!

One of the best aspects of Sunday is that they make this easy by offering half portions of the french toast and pancakes so they essentially become a side….

We both got the Grilled Cornbread with a Crispy poached egg, black beans, guacamole and chill jam (I added in a pork sausage) and then shared the French Toast

We started with savoury and tucked quickly into the Cornbread. It was very tasty and something different with the star for me being the Chill Jam. However the French Toast was truly the highlight. Perfect amounts of banana, creme fraiche and salted caramel with berries to cut through the sweetness.

I would say Sunday is a must visit though a bit pricier than other brunch spots. A tip to bet the some of the queue is to go just before opening at 9am (if you can get up in time)

 No bookings – just join the line (only downfall)

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