The Lighterman is a place I have wanted to try for ages. It is right on regents canal by Granary Square so has great views and is perfect for people watching.

The interior is great. The vibe is relaxed and a place you could spend all Sunday – from brunch through to roast time. The bar is great and I am totally in love with the beer taps!

We were there for brunch but the lunch options looked delicious so will definitely be back! We were recovering from a large night so needed a quick fix. After much internal debate I decided on the Baked Eggs with cherry tomatoes with avocado and croutons while my flatmate went for the Smoked Cheeder Flatbread with a baked egg on it, then we got a side of the most incredible chips!

My eggs were good but not as good as I expected which was a shame. Very tasty but a little over cooked so the eggs weren’t runny. The avo was a nice touch and I was pleased it wasn’t cooked in it (I hate warm avocado – why does it change the flavour so much!?) But the flatbread was super! The star of the meal was the skin on chips. I don’t know what they did but they are some of the tastiest I have had. We almost had to get seconds. They didn’t even need the sauce!

Bloody Mary’s aren’t my thing but James had 2 so would think they must be decent (he still hasn’t found any to beat the ones at The Barge House) and I demolished my OJ but that may have been the hangover.

Overall I would go back – really want to do lunch and think in summer it would be pumping. Worth a try but maybe avoid the baked eggs.

They take bookings!


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