Borough Market

Borough Market is a foodie’s heaven. I can literally spend hours eating my way around there and on Saturday that is exactly what I did.

I love all food markets as there is always interesting cuisines or twists on old favourites you haven’t seen plus they are cheap.

Borough is the oldest and most famous in London. Nestled in Southbank (close to the Shard) it has been in action since the 11th century with genuine food producers – from those who bake their own bread, grow their own fruit and veg and catch their own fish.

Getting lost throughout the stalls is such a fun experience so there are so many delicious delights on sale and many free testers! (I love testers). From fresh produce, many cheese and charcuterie stands through to street food stalls, your eyes and stomachs will be delighted.

I love to go on a Saturday morning in summer, stock up and then go for a picnic in a park with all my goodies.

The inside part is where most of the fresh and fine produce is – think meats, fish, truffles, and even a mushroom stand – and then if you cross over the street to Green Market you will find the street food and the sweet stuff (fudge, licorice and chocolate etc).


Things aren’t super cheap but they are great quality and truly worth their prices.

Wandering around is such fun with the different smells and colours. I would recommend to skip breakfast so you can fit more in like I did!


My first stop was Bread Ahead which is well known for their donuts and also that they bake everything in their bread school around the corner.


I had a croissant (disappointing) and then agonised over which doughnut flavour to get. I tossed up between Chocolate, their new Sage and Vanilla but ended up getting their famous Classic Vanilla. It was good, but Crosstown Doughnuts still has my heart.


I then strolled through the inside area eating all the free cheese and meat samples I could find when I saw a honey stall – From Field and Flowers – which is amazing. Such fun flavours like lavender and cherry. Delish!

Getting peckish for something savoury I headed through to Green Market where I came across Scotch Tails. Now for a Kiwi like myself, a Scotched Egg is a slight scary and strange concept. Who ever came up with the idea to put meat around an egg and deep fry it??? But in order to tick off my London to-do list I decided today was the day to try one.


It was actually really good (promise). I mean I wont have one every weekend but I am no longer scared of them and will definitely try another.

Feeling thirsty after my tough morning of eating I decided to grab a Prosecco. A great thing about some London markets is that you can get plastic glasses of Prosecco to walk around with, thus combining two of my favourite activities. Fantastic!


There were many delicious things to eat at the market, and I didn’t get to taste nearly all of them. I will of course be back and will update you with my finds!

It is open Mon-Sat (though Thurs-Sat is best) and if you can try to avoid weekends, especially in summer when there are hoards of people/tourists around.

Tube stop is not actually Borough (of course) but London Bridge

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