Padella is famous for both being the best pasta place in London and being cheap. I have been wanting to go forever but am not often in London Bridge around lunch/dinner.

So this weekend it was time to end my longing and finally tick it off my bucket list. I spent an afternoon around the area visiting Borough Market for brunch, the Imperial War Museum (highly recommend) and then the Shard for drinks working up an appetite. 

As with most small/ good London food joints it doesn’t take bookings, however it does let you put your name down so you can go off for a drink rather than standing in the cold with roadies (our plan B)

I LOVE pasta so had very high expectations. When I was young my favourite meal was fresh pasta with grated cheddar & salt but you will be glad to know my tastes and standards have greatly improved since then!

We arrived just before 7pm and not understanding the queue system I got excited that there were only a few people in front of us. However I quickly realised and we were told we had a 2 hour wait. Joy…..

However I have found from previous queuing experiences, most people aren’t commited to the cause and will go somewhere else so it is worth trying!

We grabbed a wine at Bedales inside Borough Market which has the most lovely staff who happily charged our iphones while we refuelled.  Within an hour we had just finished off a glass of wine and Baked Ricotta with Honey and Sage when we got the message they were ready of us.

Padella prides itself on all hand rolled pasta with sauces and fillings inspired from their trips to Italy. It is a small simple menu with most dishes under £10. I love small menus as I struggle too much with choice!

As we had already had a nibble at the wine menu we jumped straight to mains.

I had the Pappardelle with 8-hour Dexter beef shin ragu and my friend Lo chose the Tagliatelle with nduja, mascarpone and parsley (nduja is a kind of spreadable salami which sounds gross but is yum).

I absolutely hoovered up the Pappardelle which came with lashings of parmasan cheese, stopping only to reluctantly let Lo have a bit. It was most definitely worth the wait and is the second best ragu I have ever had (the first being the duck ragu at Buduzzi in Auckland). Lo enjoyed her dish but the waiter warned it was spicy – and it is very spicy so be warned. She had to consume a lot of water!

The music and atmosphere is fun and casual so perfect for a easy Saturday night. Highly recommend and I can’t wait to go back and sample more of the menu.

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