Dominique Ansel Bakery

We walked into Dominique Ansel’s on a rainy, grey London Sunday, entering into a foodie’s heaven. It has a bright and happy vibe with upbeat music filled with mouth-watering goodies. Dominique is the home of the floating marshmallow hot chocolate you would have seen all over Facebook recently, however I have to shamely admit that I didn’t realise until we arrived that they are also the inventor of the original cronut and also cookie shots! So many amazing things they have brought into the world (and my life).

We dumped our things on a table (very surprised there was one available) and joined the queue at the counter where I started my usual internal debate over what to get!

Glistening croissants, cookie shots, cronuts and more. It was incredibly hard! Not having table service is the one downside of this place as the queue pretty long filled with people getting takeaway as well.

In order not to miss out on anything my friend and I decided sharing was the way to conquer it (and avoid turning into fatties). We narrowed it down to a Croissant, a Cronut and a Pistachio Rose Bostock with the oh so instangramable Blossoming Hot Chocolate and Cookie Shots.

After the hard task of choosing was done, we sat down and tucked in.

The cronut was incredible – easily the best one I have ever had. They have only one flavour which changes each month and mine was lemon curd (my favourite). Layers of deliciously crispy buttery pastry with lemon curd in-between with lemon icing on top. Perfection!  The croissant was good as well and the Bostock was interesting – a kind of cake/pastry but the cronut stole my heat!

Next up were the drinks. The Blossoming Marshmallow Flower was super fun and pretty and the hot chocolate itself was delicious. We decided that it was likely one of the best we have ever had and that £3.20 was a bargain for the joy it gave us.

The Cookie Shot was equally fun. The waiter pours vanilla flavoured cold milk (I would have assumed hot) into it and then you can sip/eat as you go. It was great but unfortunately our eyes were bigger than our tummy’s and thus we couldn’t finish the whole cookie.

You must visit it! If you are living in London you have no excuse! It is the perfect afternoon activity and for those lucky ones who live in the area, they even are on Deliveroo (sadly I am outside the zone).



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