Art Afternoon Tea

The credit for this amazing discovery has to go to my mother who read about it in the New Zealand paper! I hadn’t even heard about it but immediately booked (and recruited friends to join later) as looked incredible. 

The Art Afternoon Tea is at the gorgeous Rosewood Hotel in Holborn. Their Executive Pastry Chef Mark Perkins gives a new twist to the English tradition, by theming his delicious desserts after some of the modern artists based in London! The five artists currently are: Yayoi Kusama, Alexander Calder, Mark Rothko, Damien Hirst and Banksy.

They are absolutely stunning! And taste amazing too but I’ll get to that. 

I am a big fan of Afternoon teas and have done a few during my time in London but the Rosewood has to be my favourite. They just do everything so well!

From the moment you walk up the drive and see the beautiful building it sits in, the service is impeccable and you feel swept away from chaotic London into a peaceful, luxurious paradise. 

The afternoon tea is set in the Mirror Room which is of course covered in mirrors. You walk down the beautiful copper coridoor (rumoured to coat £1mil) to get there. The ceiling in particular is beautifully done, layering the mirrors giving a textured effect. 

There are 3 different types of the afternoon tea depending on if you get champagne. Luckily we were all in agreement to spurge and ordered the R de Ruinart version, celebrating ourselves (rather than an occasion). 

We started off with a selection of sandwiches and tea (you must try the Iron Buddha). Our lovely waiter was very paitent, explaining everything to us, and let us make our way through the tea menu. The sandwiches were delicious but a word from the wise (or more learn from our mistakes) that although they are unlimited – stop with the first plate as you want to save yourself for the sweet treats to come. 

We then moved on to my favourite part – the sweet treats! The traditional tiered stand is brought out with perfect scones and the very untraditional art inspired pastries. 

The waiter gave us a breakdown of each and the surpises they have inside and also a recommendation as to the order in which to eat them. Needless to say we followed his advice. 

The 2 most recognisable to me was the Banksy’s girl and Yayoki’s pumpkin 

They were all incredible. So complex both on the outside and the inside- a real treat. My favourite had to be Yayoi Kusama as I am a sucker for passionfruit and less favourite was Banksy as not big on Carmel. 

We eventually rolled out about 3 hours late, giddy with happiness. 

I can’t recommend this highly enough. Fantastic for a celebration or if you are like us, just because it’s Saturday! They are planning on changing the artists in the future to mix things up.

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