Bubblewrap Waffle

Bubblewrap Waffle launched with a splash! A review from TimeOut went viral over Facebook with everyone in London tagging friends as a place they must go to. I was one of these people. So on a Thursday night my friend and I decided part of the fun of being adults is to have dessert for dinner and headed into Chinatown for one of these fantastically calorific looking waffles.

Unfortunately we soon found out everyone else had the same idea and there was a 2 hour queue. We had nothing better to do so decided to wait (we found out this was their first week).

As we got closer we figured out why the queue was so long and slow. The employees literally take 5mins to assemble each Waffle so it looks perfect. They are painfully slow and hopefully by now have realised it would look and taste just as good in half the time…. though it is fun to watch them making the waffles in their special waffle iron. 

Finally we made it to the front! We were pleasantly surprised to see it was “buy one get one free” as otherwise they are about £7 each (depending on toppings). You get to customise it yourself, picking the gelato, toppings and sauce but each “add on” costs more.

I went for dark chocolate gelato, white chocolate chunks and raspberries while my friend got salted caramel gelato, raspberries and Kit Kat.

Overall, super tasty and instagramable but maybe wait until the queues die down a little!



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