Cornwall Park Cafe

If visiting Auckland you should make time to go to Cornwall Park. It is a big Park in central Auckland encompassing one of Auckland’s many (dormant) volcanoes known as One Tree Hill (in reality without a tree). You can see it from most points in Auckland and I’m sure most guide books!

What is great is that is also a farm so plenty of cows and sheep to see as you walk along. When you have had enough you can visit Cornwall Park Cafe to refill.


This was my first stop in Auckland after arriving at midnight. It was a glorious summer day and I met friends to walk around and then stop for brunch as the cafe was on my “to visit” list.

The cafe is new after the first one burnt down soon after opening. It is lovely and light as all walls are glass and opens up well on a nice day – very family friendly. The only issue is that is very popular. We waited about 20min for a table and they warned us it would be a 45min wait for food. Not ideally for us ravenous females!


The menu is fantastic. Lots of variety which made it very hard to choose, eventually I swayed to the sweetcorn fritters (a very Kiwi brunch dish) over the museli (my friend ordered it so could report back!).


I started with the Deconstructed Iced Coffee which was both fun and delicious (though at $10 expensive). Basically your coffee comes in parts for you to assemble – ice, coffee, milk, whipped cream and chocolate. It filled me up for the long food wait.


The food finally arrived and luckily we hadn’t yet passed out from hunger (in their defense they had warned us). Everyone reported back positively except for me in which I thought my fritters needed more corn.


Overall a lovely cafe with nice staff but if it’s busy I would recommend just getting a coffee and something from the cabinet.

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