On a Friday after been bed-ridden with a terrible cold, I mustered the strength to make myself presentable for dinner at Palatino in Clerkenwell.

Palatino is as our waiter describes “a London restaurant’s take on Italian food”. It goes against a lot of the “clean eating” type trends and is full of flavour, cheese and uses vegetables sparingly. Amazing!

The décor is what you will first notice when walking in, a nod towards warehouse/ industrial chic, many shades of grey but surprisingly it works with the personality of the restaurant brought out with well-designed lighting and the friendly and personal attention of the staff.


Palatino actually takes booking which is refreshing in London, though in true last minute fashion we just turned up and luckily, they fit us in at the bar.

From the minute, we arrived to when we left we had fantastic service. True interest in us plus the time to take us through the menu, to me service is equally as important as the food.

My friend and I picked different roles – her going through the fantastic wine menu to pick the perfect red wine while I had the equally important task of choosing what plates to eat.


We weren’t overly hungry and with a deliciously sounding dessert menu I picked 3 plates and 2 sides to start us on.

We started on pasta with the Nettle Agnolotti with Ricotta and the Rabbit and Pork Tortellini which comes in a sort of soup. Both were great with the Agnolotti being my favourite as although the Tortellini had great flavour the pasta was slightly tough.

For our Secondi we shared the Chicken, pancetta & pistachio meatballs with polenta. Amazingly flavourful meatballs with a spicy kick, accompanied by the Fennel, castelfranco, pomegranate & lemon salad and Fried potato gnocchi, parmesan & garlic

The friend gnocchi were crispy balls of squidgy deliciousness – their versions of fries. Yum!

Our finale was the Chocolate mousse, pistachio & honeycomb. Beautifully presented with a mascarpone to balance the richness of the mousse and the pistachio and honeycomb offered a welcome texture.


With freshly made pasta every day, it is perfect for a causal Friday night dinner.

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