Kaia @ The Ned

The Ned opened a few months ago and was heavily promoted on instagram by key influencers. It is one of the many new member clubs/hotels popping up currently, the brain child of Soho House & Co who arguably run the coolest member’s only club chain worldwide.

They have transformed what was London’s Midland Bank into the luxe “go-to” place in Bank. Targeted at the banking elite of the area, it brings back the old-school glamour of banking (think marble, marble, marble)!

The foyer (open to the public) is made up of 4 bars/restaurants that open into the main foyer which was completely full the night we went, creating a great atmosphere and buzz, but in total there are 7 eateries. We happened to book on the first Monday of their Monday Music nights in which they have around 4 bands or signers on a stage in the middle of the foyer. So much fun!

Our choice was Kaia; serving asian-pacific fusion in an o so instagramable fashion. Their Poke bowls are their hero and I believe the menu was made with hep of London’s biggest food influencer Clerkenwell boy. Although I was excited to go, I have to admit I was sceptical that it would look prettier than it tasted.

It turns out there was no need to worry. Sitting up at the long bar we  saw the delight of the other dinners and quickly ordered a lot!


Disclaimer: below for 2 very hungry people who were defeated by the quantity of food

Beef Tataki

Crispy Prawns

Salmon Poke Bowl

Rainbow Poke Bowl

Lamb Cutlets

Chicken Meatballs

I could fault anything. The flavours were incredible and well-balanced, the prawns are the best I have had in London and the Poke Bowls were divine. The wine list is also extremely good.

I can’t recommend enough, I suggest you go on a Monday to enjoy the music and finish your night with a drink at one of the bars.


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