Cooking in Como

In the last May Bank holiday I jet off to one of my favourite places in Europe – Lake Como. About an hour drive from Milan, sits one of the largest and most beautiful lakes, with mountains all around and little villages dotted around the shore. It is stunning! I had been a quite few years ago and always wanted to back.

We flew into Milan and rented our little Fiat then drove up to Bellagio where we had a lovely B&B. Bellagio is on of the main hubs in Lake Como but still very small. You park outside and then walk through the cobblestone streets taking in the Italian way of life.

I LOVE Italian food. I think their way of cooking using only a few ingredients but ensuring they are the best quality and most tasty (think tomatoes) is what we should all strive too. Food today often is unnecessarily complicated. This I was not only looking forward to the restaurants but we had booked into doing a cooking class. I couldn’t wait!

The class we did was Gusto Italiano and was amazing. I couldn’t recommend it more highly. The kitchen was small but both modern and homely and perfect for our group of 5.

We started off by going shopping! Off to the market to pick up all the ingredients needed. Daniela explained to us about the different cheeses, meats etc and is absolutely hilarious. A lovely woman.



We returned with our baskets full and egear to learn. Elisabetta then took over in the kitchen. She was patient, kind and extremely friendly taking us through everything. It was great as not overly structured so we took our time and she showed how to flex the recipes as they often do based on what is in the pantry!

Our Menu was:


Spinach and Ricotta Ravalio with a Sage Butter sauce

Pappardelle Pomodoro

Strawberry Tiramisu

For each item I learnt so much. Even bruschetta which I have made before and considered easy, if not obvious, to make. Taking out the tomato flesh blew my mind!


The pasta was the highlight. So much fun to do, though quite tricky, so I was glad to have learnt it properly in a class before trying it out myself.



Lastly the strawberry tiramisu. This is something I had never had or heard off but was amazingly delicious. Just purried  fresh strawberries instead of coffee. Perfect summers dessert.



After “slaving” away in the kitchen we sat on the terrace with wine and fresh cheese and bread and of course, our meals. A perfect day!



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